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About Cashwave

  • What is Cashwave?
  • When do I get paid?
  • What are the advantages of the Cashwave program.

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  • What is Cashwave?
    Cashwave is an Advertising Agency that promotes online Casinos thru Affiliate Marketing. Cashwave does not own or operate the actual Casinos, it promotes the Casinos under contract with the Casino owners. Cashwave is independent from the Casinos, and controls all payments made to Affiliates. This independent structure assures that Affiliates get paid for their players, because Cashwave has been paid in advance by the Casinos. So even if the Casino runs into “cashflow” problems, affiliates will get paid on time.
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    When do I get paid?
    Cashwave pays it's affiliate partners on the first Monday of every month.
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    What are the advantages of the Cashwave program.
    The program offers an Affiliate a wider range of compensation programs than most other Casino Affiliate programs. Most importantly, you can use one or all of the compensation programs in your promotions. For example, you might promote to a group of proven players and be compensated on the Net Revenue or Total Deposit programs or promote to a group of new players based on the New Signup (CPA) program. You can select the Campaign type that is best for your specific promotion.
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